Self-care for parents – keep it small and steady🤗

We can get through this together if we take care of ourselves and each other.

Parents – do something small and steady for yourself each day. I think it may actually be the only way to survive this current shit storm!

January is often a very difficult and sad time. But of course, this month things will feel even harder. Nothing feels certain, time and money may be strained and the demands on families are higher that ever. 

Parents are literally everything to their children at the moment. But they will only be able to manage all of these (sometimes competing) roles that if they fit their own oxygen masks first – see our detailed blog article on why that is so important here.

We just want to remind everyone:

  • take things slowly, think of hibernation mode
  • don’t expect too much of yourself or each other
  • prioritise winter comforts (fires, candles, reading, baths, films, winter walks)
  • this will pass and spring will come  

For Christmas we sent our psychologists one of these candles from – they are so beautifully scented. We loved the Calming one for curling up with a book and have just placed an order for some others to get through January. My book of choice this month is The Little Book of Daily Rituals by Vicki Vrint.

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Take care,

Pocket Family Psychologist

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