Connecting with your child without the struggle

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Understanding your child's emotions will mean that you can...

Have easier bedtimes
Have a comfortable meal out
Feel in the driving seat of your family

If you let family issues fester, you can often feel hijacked by emotions

Understanding emotions and anxiety is the first step in creating the space for you to reconnect with your child. This free PDF by leading child and family psychologist, Dr Andrea Shortland, will help you do just that.

Dr Andrea Shortland

Clinical Psychologist

Founder of Pocket Family Psychologist

Dr Andrea Shortland is a leading child and family psychologist. She has guided all sorts and shapes of families through very difficult experiences and struggles. She is a consultant in child and adult trauma therapy with 20 years experience helping people with anxiety, anger and fear. Andrea set up Pocket Family Psychologist to help make psychological expertise more easily accessible for families. She wanted families to be able to access high quality help when they need it, before things get really difficult. Andrea says: “Psychological support should always integrate multiple theories and the latest research but be presented in a way that is engaging and easy to apply. That is exactly what you will get in our Understanding Child Anxiety PDF”.