How does family therapy work?

Are you interested in knowing what a family therapy session or consultation looks like?

We loved “I blame my parents” currently available on BBC iPlayer.

Click here to watch.

It is only 18 mins long. It gets straight in with the issues that need to be worked with: 23-year-old Dammy’s anxiety and her conflict with her mother,  Arinola.  Family Therapist, Hannah Sherbersky quickly demonstrates the power of creating a safe space to explore different perspectives and needs for this mother and daughter.

Family sessions often blows us away, even after all these years! A family can make huge shifts, sometimes in as little as one or two family sessions. Repeatedly, we see how a small change or comment can start a domino or cog effect leading to much bigger changes for the family.

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Pocket Family Psychologist

PS If you are interested in giving family therapy a try, you can book an online single session here (you are free to book as many follow up sessions as your family needs). Whilst we all work with families,  Dr Jocelyne Kenny and Dr Lucy Mills have both completed further family therapy training.

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