Helping families :How our approach can save the day.

Recently, we received a card from a client, thanking us for being their superhero. This lovely sentiment led us to think about our approach to helping families and how it can be compared to the role of a superhero.

Here are just a few ways in which we think our psychologists are swooping in and helping families:

  • We drop in when we are needed or things begin to get tough:

We are often called in to help when families feel stuck or problems have escalated out of control. Perhaps a child is showing disruptive behaviour or a relationship has reached boiling point.

  • However, we would often like to drop in a little earlier when problem are just starting to take root:

At Pocket, we want to be here for families, when they need it. We do not want families waiting months to get the help they want and most importantly, we want to make sure all voices are heard.

  • We bring perspective to a situation:

Our psychologists offer an external opinion to families and ways to manage their situation. Sometimes, this is enough to break tunnel vision and get things back on track. We highlight that not one person is responsible for the situation because families work as a unit. When discussing a particular issue we help families explore how each member influences one another’s behaviour.

  • We shine a light on a skill which was there but never realised:

Often parents or children had what they needed all along, but the issue was getting in the way or blocking communication.

  • We move out of the road quickly, allowing life to continue:

Whether the family dynamic has been affected because of a specific issue or ongoing behaviour, we only stay as long as we are needed. Pocket offers single session family consultations for a specific issue and follow-up sessions can be arranged to support your family further.

Our superhero power is all about getting your family unit working and communicating again.

If you could do with some help from a superhero, book in a family consultation here. Or if you want your child to discover their superpowers take a look at our online programme, Taming your Lion, which teaches children how to connect with their emotions, values, families and communities.

We’re always here to support you.

Take care,

The Pocket Family Psychologist.

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