EMDR Simplified: for ongoing and recent distress

You may have realised by now, that here at Pocket Family, we love EMDR therapy. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. We’ve seen so many people process their trauma and begin to lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives following the treatment. (You can learn more about EMDR here.)

A new, simplified version of EMDR has been developed, called G-Tep. This new version, although doesn’t process trauma completely, helps reduce distress from traumatic events to more manageable levels and promotes resilience. It has been used successfully for survivors of a wide variety of high-profile disasters such as, the Manchester Bombings, Grenfell Towers, war zones, and medical staff treating Covid-19 patients. The beauty of G-Tep is that it only requires a handful of sessions in comparison to traditional EMDR and enables people to get back to their normal lives and function much more quickly. It can be used both individually and in groups, online or in-person. Clients can even keep the details of their distress to themselves, if they prefer.

G-Tep can be really effective in helping parents currently struggling with the ongoing distress of Covid-19, or even for families impacted by other stressors, such as an illness, an accident, or parental separation. The therapy aims to promote resilience in the face of ongoing difficulties to reduce feelings of distress and overwhelming emotions to allow people to enjoy their every day lives, once more.

If you’re interested, we’re offering family or individual consultations where we can explore the possibility of using G-Tep to combat any of life stresses together, to make your 2021, that bit better. You can check out all the information for these sessions here.

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"Dr Andrea Shortland’s session for MediaCom on a children’s mental health was incredibly informative"

“Dr Andrea Shortland’s session for MediaCom on a children’s mental health was incredibly informative. During the second period of lockdown and home-schooling; parents and children found themselves again in a period of upheaval and transition. Many parents and carers were extremely worried about their children’s mental health and their own ability to be present and engaged whilst also playing the role of teacher and care giver. Dr Shortland gave attendees an insight into how many parents were feeling; tips on supporting children and helping them cope whilst studying from home and also managing their mental health. She also helped us realise the importance of taking care of ourselves in order to effectively support our children. It was such a useful session that we realise it was also pertinent for not only children’s mental health but also adults! We will be holding another session with Dr Andrea and MediaCom soon.”

Avelon Thompson, MediaCom (following a parenting workshop)