Our unique evidenced-based approach to therapeutic consultation
enables you to get to the heart of your concerns more quickly.



Our family and couple consultations provide a supportive and collaborative space for you to explore and work out what to do about your concern. They can be used as an alternative to regular therapy sessions. They can also provide a space to explore if and what type of regular therapy is likely to be most beneficial for you. Family and couple consultations are suitable for parents wanting to work on their own issues and for adults interested in a therapeutic assessment or who are interested in exploring the possibility of therapy. *Please note that consultations are only appropriate for non-emergency situations in which there is no current risk of harm such as suicide, domestic violence or abuse. Clients should approach their GP for guidance in an emergency.



Not sure yet if a consultation feels right for you? See our case studies section giving more detail about what goes on in family and couple consultations.

We have put together some resources to help explain
what you can expect from an online Consultation.

Free PDF:
Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Why we encourage parents to be a little more self-centred and consider their own psychological needs before focusing on those of their children

If you decide you would like to progress to more regular weekly therapy sessions we can help you identify an appropriate therapist in your area or our sister company, Shortland Psychology Associates can provide this from our Whitstable base in Kent or online.

How to Book a Consultation

  1. Choose your psychologist – All of our psychologists are experienced in working with adults and families. However, some psychologists have particular interests that might mean they are better suited for your needs. If you are not sure who to choose, you can book in for a free 15 minute chat with Dr Andrea Shortland or email and we can discuss this with you.
  2. Consider a Discovery Session – If you are unsure about jumping straight into a consultation, book a half hour session with your chosen psychologist to briefly discuss your concerns and prepare for your first consultation. For example, you could consider which issues you want to prioritise.
  3. Book your Initial Consultation – Chose type and length of session – family and couple consultations are for child, couple or family issues. We recommend the 90 mins plus 30 mins follow up when wanting to come away with clear recommendations and an opportunity to review or when there is more than one person attending the session.
  4. Complete a form – You will receive an email with a form about your concerns and your goals.
  5. Plan the feedback session – During the first session, your psychologist will book in the 30 minute follow up session. This session is to obtain their feedback and recommendations (this is included in the cost of your Consultation).

Book an appointment

You can now book an appointment online. Please use the booking system below to book a session with one of our Psychologists. If you have any questions before booking, please email

Case Studies


Chris - A dad worried about his anger


Adoptive parents of two toddlers


Family of seven coping with trauma


Linda, sought help to explore how to support her son, Charlie (16 years) following a recent disclosure about bullying at school.


Issue – teenage girl referred for suicidal thoughts and school refusal

Terms and Conditions

  • Consultations are only appropriate for non-emergency situations where there is no current risk of harm such as suicide. domestic violence or abuse. Clients should approach their GP for guidance in an emergency.
  • Please note that the fee is non-refundable. We can offer to rearrange the consultation in case of unforeseen circumstances but at least 48 hours notice must be provided.

Family Consultation Videos

Family Consultations - “Why and when do families seek help”

Family Consultations - “What would we talk about in two sessions”

Family Consultations - “But it is an issue with my child not my family”

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