Issue – teenage girl referred for suicidal thoughts and school refusal

Intervention – we had a total of 16 sessions and included:

  • mostly individual work with the teenager
  • a few sessions with teenager and mum together
  • one session with whole family
We used a mix of therapeutic approaches including EMDR, ACT, EMDR and Family Therapy.

What did the family have to say about the experience and outcome of the consultation?

Thank you for everything you did for us both.

I was really struggling to know what to do to help her, it was heartbreaking to watch her sink into such a terrifying place but you calmly managed to pick her up and let her see the way out of the depths that she was in. I am used to coping with what life throws at me but I was completely unable to see a way to help her and terrified about what could happen. You are brilliant at your job, I will always be very grateful to you.

She is much better now and improving all the time, there have been moments when I have suggested that she may want to see you but they are infrequent now. She has done really well and is happy and her teachers predict that she will get good grades, at her GCSEs.