Pocket Family Psychologist

Empowering parents and strengthening children with our online
psychological programmes, consultations and resources.



Our mission is to understand, support and empower families and children to thrive in the face of change and challenge. We are passionate about making the latest evidenced-based psychological ideas and interventions easily accessible to families using online programmes and resources. We take a step away from the more traditional approach; keeping things engaging, compassionate and down-to-earth.



We understand how tricky it can be to access psychological support, where and when you need it most. Traditional face-to-face therapies can be expensive, hard to locate and difficult to fit into our busy lives. We offer a range of online and interactive psychological programmes that draw upon the latest research and practice, in a flexible way that can work for you.

Power consultation with optional short and focused follow up session working on a specific issue or concern.

Courses on specific issues such as child trauma, child anger/anxiety, dealing with difficult child behaviour and help for teenagers.

Online resources including parenting articles and therapeutic stories for children.



We offer online and interactive psychological programmes for a range of psychological difficulties and family challenges.

Taming your Lion: Managing big emotions – a 6 week programme

Crack the Code: Managing difficult child behaviour – a masterclass series